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As we close in on the writing and design portion of Life in the Dorms, I find myself taking on new responsibilities to make up for the fact that I’m quickly losing relevance in the development of this game. One of the new hats I’m trying on is that of a press agent (or…possibly intern)—updating the Moment Games Facebook and Twitter accounts, writing copy for the company website, and, now, learning how to write a press release.

Promotion has never been my strong point (which is perhaps why GameCola famously has more writers than actual readers), but I think what I’ve come up with so far sounds somewhat like a legit press release. I’m still tweaking it to make it more eye-catching and exciting, though. Does anyone have any suggestions that would make you, personally, more interested in covering Life in the Dorms? You can see Version 1 after the break; if you are an Internet website, do not re-publish this press release, because it’s still a work in progress, and I will not hesitate to sign you up to get mysterious phone messages from an organization such as Pacific International, which aids both children and adults with bed-wetting problems and would not stop calling me for YEARS.

You have been totes warned.

Eat Ramen and Solve Crime in Moment Games’ New Adventure Game, Life in the Dorms

MELBOURNE, AUSTRAILIA AND NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – July 5, 2011 – Moment Games is proud (and excited!) to announce Life in the Dorms, a comedic adventure game about a paranoid college freshman and his first few days of living in the dorms. Join Dack Peeples as he deals with typical dorm-life issues, such as unpacking his things, attending orientation, meeting his roommate for the very first time…hunting down serial killers and kidnappers, performing open surgery…and discovering the many surprising uses for delicious ramen noodles.

Life in the Dorms follows in the grand tradition of classic adventure games—Dack will have to interact with people, pick up items, combine items, and use items in clever ways in order to solve the many mysteries of college living. The game also adds to the typical examine/talk to/pick up stable of adventure game interactions by introducing a new, social media-inspired feature. After Dack collects the smart phone item, he’ll be able to send “Flitter” updates about his environment, the people around him, and even things in his inventory—in fact, he’ll have to, in order to solve several of the game’s challenging puzzles.

Other features of Life in the Dorms include:

  • An engrossing, comedic story about friendship, love, and noodles
  • Sharp dialogue written by an acclaimed humor writer
  • Absolutely no zombies
  • A [insert price] price-tag!

Life in the Dorms is the spiritual successor to Office DisOrders, Moment Games’ first XBLIG title, released in early 2010. It’s a collaboration between Ted Hung (creator of Office Disorders) and Paul Franzen (Editor-in-Chief of, and it’s currently slated for a [insert release date] release on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. Additional details can be found at Moment Games’ official website, and gamers are encouraged to follow the game’s progress on Facebook and Twitter.

About Moment Games
Moment Games is an independent game studio based in Melbourne, Australia and formed by former LucasArts, THQ, and Electronic Arts employee Ted Hung in 2008. We view games as a new medium of storytelling, and our mission is to create interactive games that focus on telling a great story. For more information, please visit

Paul Franzen


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