We’re on the Internet!

Early this morning, I sent out the finalized version of the press release we’ve been working on to various adventure game, indie game, and general videogame websites. This meant that, of course, I had to spend the entirety of my lunch break hitting refresh on Google, to see if anyone was saying any nice things about my game.

And the amazing thing was…they actually were!

Most notably, frickin’ GamePro made a post about us. GamePro! I used to read GamePro when I was little, and magazines were still a thing! This, of course, got me all giddy, like I was back in high school, and a girl I liked just told me that she liked me, too, and would I like to go see Lord of the Rings with her this Saturday, and maybe hold some hands? (The answer is “yes,” of course, GamePro; I would love to hold hands with you.)

Also notable was a write-up we received in Adventure Gamers—notable to me, anyway, because that’s a site I follow regularly. I actually found out they were talking about my game when I saw Life in the Dorms pop up in my RSS reader. That was like a dream come true to me—to randomly come across someone talking about my work like that. So cool!

I also came across dozens and dozens of other—and I use the term loosely here—”websites” ostensibly making posts about my game, but actually just regurgitating, word-for-word, the news feeds from bigger sites like GamePro.

These websites were covered with wall-to-wall advertising, and I’m convinced that their entire purpose is to just make money, without doing any work or contributing anything to society whatsoever. I don’t get that at all. I’d be pretty bummed if I made my living stealing other people’s work in order to sell Gamefly subscriptions. I know you gotta pay the bills somehow, but surely—surely—there’s something you could do that has an actual point.

Man, I’m depressed now. …Remember that time they talked about my game in GamePro? That was so awesome.


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