The Dangers of Second-Hand Sources

I recently saw a post on Bits ‘N’ Bytes Gaming about Life in the Dorms, which stated that players are “being thrown into the coming-of-age world of academia and Greek life, all-nighters and mid-terms (hopefully with a few booze-tinged Animal House moments!).”

Not actually what Life in the Dorms is like.

While I’m of course grateful for the coverage, there’s one critical flaw with this post: none of those things are actually in the game. Life in the Dorms focuses, appropriately, on life in the dorms (and, more specifically, on orientation). It’s not at all Animal House: The Game; it’s more like…well, it’s its own thing.

So where did BNB get their information from? Easy: They made it up! Or, more likely, they made assumptions based on what they figured would have to be in a game about college. (And you know what happens when you make assumptions: You make an “ass” out of…”umptions.” I think I got that phrase wrong.)

Part of this is attributable to us not including much information about the game’s story in our press release; but the bigger problem, I think, is that BNB’s primary source was GamePro’s post about the game, rather than our press release. They judged what the game was about based on what GamePro said it was about, and the effect was kind of like the children’s game “telephone.”

I’m hoping that this keeps up, and that, a week from now, I’m reading an article on Joystiq about how Life in the Dorms is the first FPS ever to bring space marines into a university setting. And it’s all motion-controlled, whoa!


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