XBLIG Hall of Fame (Part Two)

In Part One we talked about tentacle monsters, toe-trading, and how turn-based combat is the worst thing ever to happen to videogames. What’s in store this time? Read on, reader, and read as romantically as you can!

A Fading Melody: This is the game that first turned me on to Xbox Live Indie Games (then called “Community Games”) and made me want to cover them for GameCola, since, at the time, no one else was paying any attention to them. Unlike today when…also nobody is paying any attention to them.  A Fading Melody is an artsy 2D platformer about a woman who’s trapped in a coma; you’re playing through her nightmares, trying to literally overcome her demons and wake her up. (It’s not as pretentious as I’m making it sound; I promise.) Each time you hop-and-bop an enemy, the world gets a little brighter, though it also gets darker as time passes. When the game was released it cost $5—which would be seen as an absurdity in today’s XBLIG economy—but I think it’s still a bargain at that price, easy.

Moon Taxi: This thing’s only barely a videogame, and I love it. To me, it represents a new way to enjoy audio books. I’m not sure that’s what the developers were actually going for, but it really works for me. You’re listening to people “tell their stories” as you pilot a space taxi from the Earth to the Moon, while attempting to collect enormous 3D words from the stories and not crash into asteroids. I’m not sure if anyone but me would enjoy this game this much, but, hey: my Hall of Fame. Not yours.

I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1: This isn’t just one of my favorite XBLIG games; this is everyone’s favorite XBLIG game, aside from that Minecraft rip-off. You can even buy t-shirts of it at Hot Topic—that’s how successful this game has been. What makes it so great? Easy: it’s a classic twin-stick shooter with multiplayer support and cool power-ups and THE SONG. THE SONG. 100% OF THE REASON WHY EVERYONE LIKES THIS GAME IS THE SONG. Also it was released like a week before zombies became passé. It was probably also maed in like a week, and last time I checked, it had earned over $300,000 in revenue.

KissyPoo: No “Hall of Fame” of ANY KIND would be complete without KissyPoo, aka mankind’s single greatest achievement:

If I MAED could be sold based on its theme song alone, there’s no reason this game shouldn’t have made a billion trillion dollars.

Look for Part Three in an indie dev’s blog near you! In the meantime, I have to DANCE DANCE DANCE, BECAUSE IT’S DANCING TIME!


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