Cook Chase Finally Admits That I Am a Boy!

File this one under “Great, Now When Will Everyone Else?”*

Just like they did a couple of weeks ago, Mixnmojo’s Cook Chase podcast…wait, before I finish this sentence, I think I just figured out what that name means! It’s a reference to that puzzle in Monkey Island 2, where you have to chase the cook around! It is, isn’t it?! For the longest time I just figured it was the hosts’ names, even though neither of them ever introduces themselves as either “Cook” or “Chase.” I believe they’re actually all named Roger.

Anyway, podcasts. Cook Chase is a show about LucasArts games, LucasArts alum, and games by LucasArts alum, and this week they spent a few more minutes talking about me and my beard, before (apparently) dying horribly in the London riots. (That’s not MY unseemly joke; it’s theirs! Listen to the show!)

You can check out their website here and the podcast here.

Also, yes. Anytime anyone on the Internet mentions my name, I’m going to talk about it in this blog. Maybe I should create a “self-indulgent” tag…

* Answer: Probably when I stop doing things like this.


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