Cook Chase Unearths a Secret of Monkey Island™!

The latest Cook Chase podcast came out this weekend, and within the first two minutes (following a delightful new theme song whose actual lyrics include “listen in the bathroom, while you’re doing a poo!”), they’re talking about me again. I’m starting to feel like I might be suffering from schizophrenia. Like, are the hosts really talking about me all the time? Or is this just an elaborate fantasy being perpetuated by my own mind? If it is…why can’t I fantasize about something cooler?! Hey mind, knock it off! You’re being stupid!

Either way, I just hope I can turn this into more coverage for Life in the Dorms when it comes out.

To provide a little substance to this post, the hosts did talk about where the name of the Cook Chase show comes from, and I nailed it! It’s from the cook chase segment of Monkey Island 2. In fact, as they uncovered during the show, there is a sequence in every single Monkey Island game in which the cook chases you around. Well…more or less:

  • In The Secret of Monkey Island, you have to lure him out of the kitchen so you can steal (and then cook) a hunk of meat,
  • In LeChuck’s Revenge (the game I was thinking about), you have to get the cook to chase you around Elaine’s mansion in order to steal a fish from the kitchen,
  • In Curse of Monkey Island, you have to dress up as a giant chicken, so that the chef Blondebeard will knock you out with a frying pan and then serve you to the pirates who have taken your ship,
  • In Escape from Monkey Island, you have to distract the cook by setting a tiny boat on fire, so that you can sneak into the kitchen, break his steam generator, and ruin his painting, and
  • In Tales of Monkey Island…I think there’s some point when the barkeep at Club 41 kicks you out, possibly for being a dead guy. Maybe that’s a stretch.

And people wonder why Curse is my all-time favorite videogame.

OK, so there might not be a literal cook chase in every game…but Guybrush definitely maintains a subtle anti-chef agenda throughout the series. He’s always having to sneak around them, or lead them astray, or steal from them, or perform amateur dental work on them. I wonder what’s up with that. Does Guybrush have a history of poor dining experiences? Did he used to work under Gordon Ramsay? Is he jealous of their hats?! Is this the secret of Monkey Island?!?!



  1. Let us know when the game is out and we’d love to have you on the show to pimp it!

    It would mean that news of your game would reach literally tens of people. Actually CC13 was apparently downloaded 80 times from iTunes so we might be getting somewhere. Thanks for mentioning the podcast in your blog posts, anyway.

  2. Hey, that would be perfect! It’s a date! We don’t have a firm release date in mind just yet; we’re targeting a November/December release, but as that’s quickly approaching I’m not sure if we’re going to make it.

    And, I’m happy to oblige—I make a lot of jokes, but I wouldn’t be talking about the ‘cast so much if I didn’t enjoy it.

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