Non-Gaming Gaming Podcasts

I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts—particularly when I’m doing something that I’d rather not be doing, like washing dishes, driving, or fighting in turn-based battles. Of course I listen to The GameCola Podcast, as well as a few other gaming-centric shows, like Podtoid and Cook Chase; but sometimes, the podcasts I listen to have absolutely nothing to do with videogames.

…At least, that’s what I thought. Videogames have started to creep into those, too, and I thought like-minded individuals might enjoy some podcasts that aren’t about videogames, but are. I’ve got two in mind right now:

PodClack: It’s the official podcast of, ostensibly about TV (though that’s like saying Potdoid is about videogames), but actually it tends to focus more on the host’s oftentimes dysfunctional relationship with his wife, and also masturbation, topics that may or may not be related. This episode in particular features an interview with Jeff Ryan, author of the new book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, and this post is 100% an excuse to tell you to listen to this show and understand that I am pronouncing Mario correctly goddammit.

Also—and this is why I got into the PodClack in the first place—the host, Jay Black, was one of my English teachers in high school. And he’s a stand-up comic. My high school was weird. *

The F Plus: This show’s tagline is “terrible things read with enthusiasm”—they take awful things that were posted onto the Internet, like bad fanfiction, posts from a message board about burp fetishes, and reviews of dildos that are shaped like dragons—and then read them to you. It’s awesome. This episode in particular is about Pokémon—or, to use their words, it’s about “one man’s fantasy to create an entire race of anthropomorphic beastgirls forced into sexual servitude.” If you like this show, Lou Reads does something similar, and that’s also awesome.

So, yeah! Podcasts! They exist beyond our own! What’s your favorite?

* We also—this is absolutely, 100% true—had a teacher who was moonlighting as an Elvis impersonator. I can’t make stuff like that up.



  1. Thank YOU! The F Plus is one of very few podcasts that I HAVE to listen to every week. I’m still kinda cracking up over the Garfield fanfic ep.

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