The Return of The Gates of Life!

Yes, the rumors are true—The Gates of Life is coming BACK to GameCola, this time next week! You guys remember TGoL, right? If you’re a proper Fanzen, you should: it’s the choose-your-own-adventure-style story originally written by my friend Brian, then by my friend Matt, then by me and Matt, then by me and Matt and our friend Kate, and now just by Kate, and—you probably don’t care that much about the specifics. (Unless you do! If you do, POST! I’ll be happy to give you the juicy behind-the-scenes scoop about how much Brian hates all of us for ruining his story!)

Where was I? Right: after a YEAR-LONG hiatus, TGoL is coming BACK to GameCola. Mark your iPods, or whatever! And here’s a quick teaser image. (Don’t tell Kate; she’d probably be mad if she knew I was sharing this with the whole wide web.)

Did I already tell you to mark your iPods? Mark something, at least. September 14th is the date. Which gate will you choose?

…Also, while I have you, check out the latest post in my Yardsaling for Adventure blog. Told you it’d be videogames.


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