Minus the Pudding Presents: Unicycles and Time Travel!

The latest edition of my XBLIG column “Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games” has just been published on GameCola! In this one, we talk about:

  • TIC Part 1 (in which you throw acorns at Sarah Palin),
  • Millennium Man (in which you harness the power of time travel to escape from “Eternal Prison”),
  • GHXYK2 Classics Vol. 1 (in which what is this I don’t even), and
  • Torque Quest (in which you develop a greater appreciation for the copy editor).

We also make the worst fart joke ever and come up with juvenile names for digital cameras. It’s the feel-good column of the millennium (man)! Check it out here.

Edit: And that’s not the only thing I published today! Part three of my thank-God-it’s-over series on videogame crap went up today on Yardsaling to Adventure.


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