September Gamedev Update!

I’ve been supes busy lately, with projects old, slightly less old, and new. I just got in a near-beta, beginning-to-end build of Life in the Dorms that I’m sending off to some testers now, so they can look over everything and let me how much they love it, if they know what’s good for them. I’ve also taken on a more in-depth role with Mitsumata, starting again from the beginning of the script and giving it a much deeper edit, really massaging the text and trying to maximize its potential to the best of my abilities. (Before I was just proofreading; now I’m editing. The biggest difference is that I’m moving a lot slower now.)

As for new stuff, last week I proofread the script for Byte of the Draculator II, an AGS-developed adventure game about an army corporeal who wakes up to discover that he is now partially bionic, and also a vampire. It’s a “swarm” project in which the head guy recruits as many people as he possibly can to each contribute in small ways to the game. One person might draw the sprites for one character; another person might animate that character. One person might program one room; one person might draw that room’s background. The idea is that, this way, maybe they can actually get shit done. They brought me in late to the game (which makes sense, because you’re not going to have a near-final script all that early), so it’s close to finished now. Here’s a screenshot:

If you want to learn more (and maybe get involved yourself!), you can check out the project thread over at the AGS forums here.

I also recently got to the second stage of interviews for a part-time writing gig with a European gaming dev. My next step is to send in two writing samples given specific writing prompts from the game, and while I can’t re-publish them here and still hope to get a job, I will happily share part of one sentence:

“…and famine eventually became a thing of the past, partially due to the advent of a totally synthetic instant noodle that could be created without the use of grains or any nutrients. ”

Why does ramen come up so frequently in my writing? I don’t even really like it that much. I think I just think “noodle” is a funny word. (Fun fact: Dack Peeples and the Noodletastic Journey was, at one point, under serious consideration as a possible title for Life in the Dorms. I kinda still heart it.)


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