The New The Gates of Life is Here!

A year in the making…! Well, actually, a couple of months in the making. But still—it’s here! It’s finally year! The Gates of Life has returned!

I’m not actually serving as a writer on the MMO fantasy story this time around; now I’m serving in more of a, let’s say, executive producer role. I’m basically Joss Whedon. My friend Kate Jay has taken the reins from me (and Matt…and Brian…and I guess Eric, technically), and she has RAN WITH THEM. (I guess there wasn’t any horse attached, because that’d be hard to do.)

Anyway, you can check out the story here, and be sure to VOTE on your favorite gate, so you can have your say in the plot! (To get you up to speed, the main character has just returned to his hometown after a years-long absence, which was prompted by his being framed for murder by his former mentor. He’s lookin’ for revenge, and also tea.)


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