This is What College is Like.

Today, October the 11th, the Year of Our Lord 2011, I’m pleased to introduce the trailer for Life in the Dorms that I’ve been working on for over a month, because I’m an incredibly slow video editor, and also I ran out of paint a few times. Check it out!

…Sorry. That’s one of the other videos that comes up when you search for “Life in the Dorms” on YouTube. Here’s the actual trailer:

OK, so I didn’t end up using any of the special tricks I learned during my green-screen test (or indeed, even the same software package), but I’m supes happy with the end result. And in case you’re wondering—yes, that IS me wearing the cardboard head. We didn’t hire a professional dancer for this video; it just looks like we did. Please buy my game when it comes out.


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