GameCola vs. Turnabout Musical

Almost immediately after recording our “No More Phoenix Wright!” podcast, we received an e-mail fromwho else?the head of Turnabout Musical, who wanted to cast some pods about, of all things, Phoenix Wright.

We agreed. Of course we agreed. No matter how much we complain, we always end up talking about that spikey-haired lawyer every time we get a chance to.

The resulting two-part podcasttwo-part because we recorded nearly three hours’ worth of laughter, singing, and shoutingwas epic. And I’m using “epic” in the Lord of the Rings sense here, meaning that I don’t think any of us were able to get through it all without at least one solid pee break.

The second part of the podcast just came out yesterday, and you can check them both out here on GameCola or here on iTunes…assuming you don’t have any objection to it, that is! (I’m so sorry.)


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