December Gamedev Update!

Some quick news for everyone—Moment Games’s head (and only!) programmer Ted Hung and I recently did an interview with the e-zine Adventure Lantern about Life in the Dorms, covering such topics as:

  • The game’s story, characters, and puzzles
  • How the project came together
  • Our own favorite adventure games
  • Whether you’ll come out of Life in the Dorms with a working knowledge of medicine

There’s a lot of new stuff in there that we haven’t made public before, so go check out the interview here!

And here’s a new screenshot, too!

In other Life in the Dorms news…I’ve probably said this already, but we’re really close to finishing the game! I’m serious! I received a great deal of help with the script recently from fellow GameCola writers Christian Porter and Matt Gardner, who meticulously went through everything and pointed out all my mistakes, and improved the comedy in ways I couldn’t have done by myself. I just love how “GameCola” this project has become, with Matt and Christian working on the script (as well as testing), Nikola Suprak and Lizo also helping out with the testing, and Colin Greenhalgh making pretty graphics for us. All we need is Michael Gray to do a Let’s Play of it when it’s finished.

In other gamedev news, I recently wrapped up my part in the military strategy game I mentioned before. It’s called Simulence.Strategy (though I’m not sure if that’s a code name or the final title—heck, for all I know I’m not supposed to be mentioning it at all!). It’s a serious, deep military simulator with a goofy (that’s my contribution) story about half-witted generals, boys with feminine nicknames, and goats. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s out!

Additionally, I’ve been proofreading an AGS game called The Dwarven Dagger of Blitz – Chapter 2 that I REALLY HOPE goes a little better than the last time I tried to proofread an AGS game, and I’ve continued steady work on testgame, this time brainstorming, if not actually writing, the next major puzzle or two. (Like I keep saying, though, don’t expect to see testgame any time soon. i.e., I wouldn’t expect it to come out before, say…what I really want to do here is make a Duke Nukem Forever joke, but that game actually DID come out, so I guess I’ll have to settle for Half-Life 3.)


I’ve also done some new stuff for GameCola! A couple of weekends ago, during the Spike TV VGAs, we hosted our first-ever live podcast. By which I mean, we streamed our podcast recording LIVE through uStream, and had GameCola fans listening in and commenting during the show. During one particularly hilarious moment, Matt Gardner even threatened to stab one of our fans! It was a good time. You can check out the raw, un-cut stream here at any time, although keep your eyes on GameCola for a more listener-friendly version to come. And if you want more podcast fun, check out the newest actual podcast, Podcast #44, in which we invited on our first call-in guest to talk about cosplay! …He then proceeded to take over the entire second half of the show, but we still love him.

A screenshot from The Book of Unwritten Tales. Why? Because…

I also reviewed the PC—what else?—adventure game The Book of Unwritten Tales alongside my wife, which you can check out here, and I published a new “Minus the Pudding” column. I think I might be losing my edge, because I didn’t get ANY angry indie developers e-mailing me. I’ll do better next time. Also, Nikola Suprak and I got together to record commentary for Back to the Future: Episode 1, but that happened so long ago that I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it here already. You should definitely check it out, if only because you want to yell at us for talking over the entire game.

Man, the last few months have just been awesome. Happy holidays, everyone!


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