Top Ten Games of 2011

Presented without clarification or elucidation, but a whole lot of dedication! (I mean, those screenshots don’t exactly insert themselves, do they? …They don’t, right? Because that would save a lot of time for compiling important top-10 lists like this.) My top-10 favorite games from 2011.

1. Portal 2


2.  Back to the Future: The Game


3. The Gunstringer


4. Hector: Badge of Carnage


5. You Don’t Know Jack!


6.  Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


 7. To the Moon


8. Duke Nukem Forever (yes, I’m serious)


9. Tropico 4


10. LittleBigPlanet 2

For a slightly less accurate look at the best games of 2011, check out GameCola’s year-end awards!


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