Yee-Haw!: GameCola Round-Up

Hey, remember The website I’m supposedly Editor-in-Chief of? I’ve done a few things for them lately! Check it out:

  • A sort of re-do of my original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review from 2005, in which I inserted snarky comments ala Scott Keith’s latest pro-wrestling rants.
  • A new “Minus the Pudding” column about things that mostly just made me sad.
  • talkthrough (along with Nikola Suprak and Michael Gray) of Back to the Future: Episode 2.
  • The GameCola year-end awards! I didn’t write the whole thing myself (because that’s lead to disastrous results in the past, with me trying desperately to describe why some game I’ve never heard of was “Most Innovative”), but I’m pretty sure I put more thought into coordinating this article over the course of a month than I’ve ever put into, for example, math.
  • Top of the Heap” and “Q&AmeCola“—again, I didn’t write these by myself, but I did play a small part in them. For the former, I got to write about how Kinect Disneyland Adventures is ruining America, and for the latter, I talked a little bit about the one videogame I have to hide when company comes over.

Me, having a romping good time in “Disneyland.”

Jeez, that’s not much for two months, is it? It’s only going down from here, too, because I’m suspending my “Minus the Pudding” column for the time being, while I try to work up the motivation to ever spend that much time in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel again. A man can only take so much poop. …Well, it’s a combination of that, anyway, and of wanting to spend more of my free time writing games, rather than writing ABOUT games. I just picked up a great opportunity to protoype an adventure game based on a–I should stop there. Don’t want to get anyone too excited.

The weird thing about suspending “Minus the Pudding” now is that, for the first time since I started GameCola back in 2002, I won’t have any written features I’m actively working on for my own site, aside from infrequent news posts about Things I Find Interesting. Not sure how I feel about that.



  1. I think you’ve gotta keep at least one thing going, whether that’s one review a month or a regular column. Even a “Diet Pudding” or “Pudding Lite,” where you only cover two or three games, would be fun.

    1. You’re right, but I’ll need to come up with something more fun for me than the Pudding. The problem is that most of my “GameCola time” is spent on necessary things like editing articles, chasing down writers and review copies, hunting for fresh talent, answering e-mails, and asking Kevin to fix the search bar, or fun projects like enhancing the layout, joining in on the podcast, recording talkthroughs, and writing short news posts. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for something that isn’t both (1) totally fun to do, and (2) interesting to people besides me.

      One plan of attack might be to keep a rotating series of columns going to keep myself fresh, like you and Christian do, or at least come up with a fun idea that doesn’t take up too much of my energy. I’ll have to keep thinking about it.

  2. Well, editing articles is something you can force us peons into doing more often; designate a “you edit an article or get a stick to the eye” day for a few of us; I’m happy to oblige, as I like my eye.

    You could always resurrect “The Ten Reasons”; that column kinda writes itself. Or “Low-Rent Adventures in Japan,” but that might require more of a lifestyle change.

    1. Oooh, I hadn’t even thought about dipping into the GameCola archive and stealing other people’s articles. I’ll have to take a closer look–I actually have a list somewhere of every regular column ever written for the site…I’ll check it to see if anything tickles my fancy. Cheat Codes for Life could be fun!

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