Keep Cola’n, Cola’n, Cola’n

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months for the Internet’s only videogame website,!

  • A variety of news posts about…things that aren’t really newsworthy anymore. Every now and again I get myself in a mood where all I want to do is write fun news posts for the site, so I’ll go like a week writing one or two a day. …It doesn’t usually last long. (In fact, it’s over already, although it doesn’t help that there hasn’t been any news I want to talk about in like a month.)
  • A podcast all about the top 10 games of 2011! …I guess that’s a bit out of date now. Still lots of great stuff in there, though! Particularly our bit about Miles Edgeworth and a dolphin, which I believe was trimmed down significantly so as not to scare off every listener ever.
  • Parts 3 and 4 of our video “talkthrough” of Back to the Future: The Game!
  • Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our video “talkthrough” of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 999.
Pony Seven. There’s actually an entire line of fan-art of
999 ponies. At least half of our third video was dedicated to this.
  • A touching story about my first-ever videogame, and how GameCola wouldn’t exist without it.
  • The Archive Dive: An article I collaborated with Nathaniel Hoover on to help prepare for…
  • GameCola’s 10th Anniversary 10-Hour Podtacular! You might’ve heard about this already, but if not: we celebrated GameCola’s 10-year anniversary by holding a LIVE 10-hour podcast. It was appropriately epic. We’ll be releasing the individual hours throughout the next several months as individual podcasts, in addition to recording new stuff, as well.

I’ve also—and this has nothing to do with videogames (what?!)—recently started using a website called Zerys, at the behest of fellow GameCola Founding Father Matt Gardner. It’s a site for freelance writers to pick up freelance work—the “so basically” is that clients post what they need and how much they’re willing to pay for it, and pre-screened writers have the chance to hit refresh over and over again in hopes of snagging anything worthwhile before another starving artist grabs it. It combines all the fun of the last five minutes of an eBay auction with all the excitement of desperately trying to pay your rent!

I’ve taken a few projects on it and made about $40,* and so far, it seems legit. So far. I’m still waiting for and totally expecting the catch.

…And, hey! While we’re completely off-topic, check out my latest post in Yardsaling to Adventure for vintage Mr. Potato Heads (actual potato sold separately), and things you lovingly crafted for your mother that she later tossed into the quarter bin. Just in time for Mothers’ Day!

*That’s $40 pending, I should say. Clients have to actually APPROVE of my work before they pay me. Ridiculous. …Maybe that’s the catch.


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