Naming Names

This is it. I just sent in my final notes on the penultimate build of Life in the Dorms. I can feel it—I think we’re going to release this month. My first real videogame, that was written and designed from the ground up by me. Wow. Little-kid Paul would be so friggin’ impressed right now.

…Don’t hold me to that release date, though. I originally thought we were going to release last August.

As I was cleaning out the desk in my home office today, I came across the scrap of paper on which I was brainstorming names for Life in the Dorms before it was called Life in the Dorms. At the time, we were using the codename DormStory (which isn’t too far off, really), and we had been going back and forth for like a month about what to call it. We knew what the general theme of the game was: It’s about a kid who’s apprehensive about college life, because he had a lot of great friends and great times in high school, and he’s not really looking forward to moving in with a bunch of strangers who could—at any moment—decide to just pee on him for no reason. (That last part was based on a real-life experience. I don’t like to talk about it.)

We knew the premise, and the game was about half-built at the time, but we didn’t know what to actually call it; so I took pen to paper, and just dotted down every single fart that leaked out of my brain. Here’s a list of what Life in the Dorms could have been, if we didn’t have a smart programmer named Ted who could smell a farty idea from all the way in Australia:

  • Dack Peeples in: The Dormitory Dilemma
  • The Best Years of Your Life
  • Dack in the Dorm
  • Dack Peeple’s Dorm Story (for a while I was obsessed with getting Dack’s name in the title, because—admit it—it’s a cool name)
  • Away to College
  • College Minus College
  • The Best Part of College
  • The Worst Part of College
  • Typical Dorm Life for Dack Peeples
  • What’s it Like in College?
  • Life in Dormitorio (you’re so close, Paul!)
  • The Ramen of Fate (OK, this is what we actually should’ve called it)
  • My Roommate and Me (a new romantic comedy starring Natalie Portman and Breckin Meyer!)
  • Peeples
  • DORM (this was Matt Gardner’s choice, because it looks like DOOM)
  • I Am Apprehensive About College (well, that’s on the nose)
  • DORM: An Unwanted New Beginning
  • DORM: The Adventures of a Reluctant College Student (and who wouldn’t want to play that?)
  • Life in the Dorms (there it is!)
  • Moving in; Moving on (no dude, stop, you got it already)
  • Dack Would Like to Not be Here (…)

…I think this is why people don’t usually make their brainstorms public.


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