Life in the Dorms Starts this Friday on Xbox Live

Cross-posted from Life in the Dorms’ website, because holy crap you guys, my first big game is coming out on Friday!

It’s finally here. Two years in the making. Two dudes in the making. (Plus some other dudes in the art-ing and music-ing and testing.) Life in the Dorms: the adventure game by Moment Games all about love, friendship, and ramen noodles.

It’s coming out this Friday, September 14th, on Xbox Live Indie Games. And it only costs two bucks.

People on Twitter are already raving about it!

“I love life in the dorms”, said @GWPeterK, who…may have actually been talking about his own dorm, but we’ll take it.

“So now I am a hyena???- life in the dorms..”, said @Weekday88, who should probably seek medical attention.

“Life in the Dorms will be a life experience on par with getting married, having your first child, and writing your very first Tweet”, said @colachief, who is technically the game’s lead writer and designer.

Mark your calendars. No, wait—don’t even do that. Just sit in front of your TV, Xbox on, controller in hand.  Bathroom breaks are acceptable, but not encouraged. It’s coming—it’s coming soon—and you’ll want to be there.


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