Return of the Girl with a Beard

I recently had the pleasure of discussing indie adventure games with Cook and Chase on The International House of Mojo’s new podcast, “The Mixnmojo Campfire.” You can check it out here. Be sure to stay for the end, when we share a moment of silence for Tim Schafer’s beard:

tim-shaver*sniff* more like *sniffpout* Tim Shaver.

Other highlights include:

  • Telltale Games’ ARMY OF DEATH-BOTS
  • Whether Life in the Dorms outsold The Dig
  • The homogenization of the adventure game genre (or: we’re all LucasArts now)
  • Dave Grossman’s poetry
  • Dirty Dan and the Dodge ‘Ems
  • How to make an indie adventure game (Step 1: Find someone who knows how to make indie adventure games)
  • Ron Gilbert is clinically insane

Go ahead and listen! Or at least click on the link, because if I send enough people there they might have me on again.


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