It’s been a weird couple of weeks, needless to say—and that’s only partially because, thanks to an airline’s screw-up, my wife and I spent part of our spring-break vacation sleeping on the floors of scenic O’Hare International Airport. (Which, to be fair, was only slightly more uncomfortable than the airport’s actual hotel. Smelled better, too.) I left the website that I’ve been a part of for 11 years, and I guess the question now is: What’s next?

Well, that’s an easy one—another game I worked on just came out!


It’s called Quiz Master Zero and the Silky Road, and it’s a trivia videogame about, well, videogame trivia. I’ll let the developer (no less than fellow GameCola alum Richo Rosai!) explain:

Only you have what it takes to help the Quiz Master smuggle enough blond Moroccan cocoa powder, fine Colombian sugar and super-fun edible star stickers in his GI tract across the border into Kuzzbill to bake a delicious cake for his girlfriend so he can GET LAID!

I talked about my work with the game a bit here (tl;dr: I proofread all 2,000+ questions in the game, and also tested it on the iPhone), and since I already made a joke back then about how I snuck in some Life in the Dorms questions, there’s not much more to say—except that you should go BUY IT RIGHT NOW if you have an Android device or, uh, an Internet browser  …Wait, they make games for Chrome now? We truly are in the future.


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