Come Play My New Game With Me!

You’ve seen the trailer, now come see the game in person! Lizo and I are going to be demoing our new retro point-and-click adventure game, The Beard in the Mirror, next September at Boston FIGI’m trying to sell Lizo on letting me bring my Dack Peeples head so people can take pictures with it; fingers crossed! (Also: Free hugs for anyone who mentions this post.*)

It’s both crazy and more than a little scary that people are starting to treat our little testgame like it’s a real-life videogame. Did you know they posted about it on Destructoid? I mean, frickin’ Destructoid? And that’s to say nothing of this write-up from GameZebo, which, like, holy crap, I just want to marry. It’s all so unreal.

Hey, while I’m here…


  • The Beard in the Mirror – I’ve been working off of THE BIG FINAL TO-DO LIST for the game, adding small features here, tweaking dialogue there, and adding in POINTS, because you just can’t make a Sierra-style adventure game without POINTS. We** also started*** working on a title screen; check it out:


    If things progress like they have been, I might be able to 1) start contracting out a lot of the remaining pixelart to outside artists, like I’ve been thinking about doing forever just to speed things along, and 2) start sending the game out to testers. That’s a big if, though, because…
  • Secret Project – That’s right—I’ve got a new secret project! With an NDA, and everything! What I (think I) can tell you is this: it’s a sci-fi noir first-person adventure game, and I’m the lead writer. I’m kind of super stoked about it. More info as I’m allowed to share it. And hey, speaking of videogames, let’s not forget about poor ol’…
  • Life in the Dorms – I only mention this one, because—hey, games journalists? Want to dip into some of that sweet, sweet back-to-school hype? I’ve got the PERFECT game for you to talk about. THE. PERFECT. GAME.

  • * While supplies last; one hug per customer. No, you can’t hug Lizo.

    ** And by “we,” I mean my friend Kate Jay, of “The Gates of Life” fame!

    *** Yes. It took us eight years to START working on a title screen.



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