Surrounded by Green Lights

So I somehow have my tendrils in three games on Steam Greenlight right now. One you might already know about; it’s a little game called The Beard in the Mirror that my wife and I have been talking about collectively on the Internet for at least two presidents now. If you haven’t voted for it already, then I’m pretty sure this friendship is over. I’m sorry—it’s not me, it’s you.

The second game should be more of a surprise.

DormStory 2012-07-29 19-15-25-44

Yes, it’s true! The wait is over! (Sort of!) I finally talked our programmer into maybe possibly considering a PC port for Life in the Dorms, the now-classic adventure game about love, friendship and ramen noodles that we released for the 360 late last year.


If we can get the game to pass through Steam Greenlight, then a PC release WILL HAPPEN. But only if. (Unless YOU want to redo the game’s entire interface from scratch so it works with the PC.) So get to voting! If Life in the Dorms winks out of existence in the upcoming Xpocalypse…well, it’ll be Microsoft’s fault. But it’ll also be YOUR FAULT.

So what’s game number three? Well…

Remember how I said I was working on a new secret project?

There it is. It’s called Harvest, and it’s a sci-fi noir first-person adventure game, inspired by Phoenix Wright and the Sega CD masterpiece Snatcher. Set in a future where 99% of the world’s population has gone sterile—and the remaining 1% has started to go missing—you play as a detective searching for answers. We’ve also got a trailer and an IndieGoGo campaign, if you’ve got money to spend and want a cool t-shirt or hat. I’m collaborating with a group called Gondefire Productions, makers of Castle Dracula (an adventure game wherein your pregnant wife is kidnapped by vampires). Please check out and Greenlight Harvest here!

And Greenlight all my other games, too! GREENLIGHT ALL THE GAMES!



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