Favorite Children

WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HERO, he was surrounded by green lights, with three games up for Steam’s “do you want to play me check yes or no” crumpled love note of digital distribution.

I’m proud to say that since then—one of the games has already been Greenlit! Yes, that’s right: A game I worked on will actually be on Steam. That would be Harvest, the first-person sci-fi noir thriller that’s equal parts SnatcherPhoenix Wright, and my own weird brain. I’m torn between being a) so excited I’m gonna throw up everywhere, and b) so nervous I’m going to THROW UP EVERYWHERE. Here’s a new trailer for the game (throw-up not included):

But Harvest’s success doesn’t mean you can slack off on Greenlighting Life in the Dorms and The Beard in the MirrorCome on, do it! I’ll be your best friend!


And speaking of The Beard in the Mirror…!

Most of my gamedev time over the last several months has been spent oscillating between The Beard in the Mirror when I feel like programming and testing, and Harvest when I feel like writing, re-writing, agonizing, deleting, and then writing some more. As of about a month ago I officially changed my work schedule at my real-person job to give me more time for gamedev, since I’ve been picking up so much freelance stuff I can now afford to go (part) part-time. The big benefit of this is that, when I’m juggling two major projects like Mirror and Harvest, it no longer feels like I’m trying to decide which child I want to spend more time with.

Art for Showdown at Willow Creek.

Showdown at Willow Creek art.

The other cool thing is that I’m technically a part-time game developer now, instead of a guy who just flails about on his keyboard during his lunch break or before bedtime. Pretty awesome, right?

I also took on a bunch of quickie projects over the last few months to make sure I didn’t have too much free time, including:

Oh, and hey! I did a podcast, too! Lizo and I both did, actually—the Random Assault podcast, talking a bunch about The Beard in the Mirror and I don’t remember what else, because we recorded it forever ago. (Our part starts at around 35:30). Enjoy!


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