In Good Company

OKAY, OKAY. We caved.

For the longest time we’ve been referring to the development group behind The Beard in the Mirror as just “Lizo as Paul,” because it seemed absurd (not to mention pretentious) to call ourselves a game studio when it was just…well, Lizo and Paul. I didn’t want to be one of those guys who says he’s “the CEO of FaceBlast Studios!”, and when you press him on it, it turns out he’s just the CEO of one dude. …And that one dude his himself.

But enough people (conventions, digital distributors, randos on Facebook) wanted to know what our developer name is that we figured we should finally start pretending we’re a real thing. So, LIZO AND PAUL we are no more! Our “game studio” is officially:


You can check us out now on various stops on the Information Superhighway:



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