Don’t Mind Me…

Just announcing a new game over here!


Coming soon: our new game! A visual novelette about spam, by beard champion Paul Franzen and YouTube personality Michael “arglefumph” Gray. –  from my game studio’s Facebook page.

No deadline for release, but that’s only because the number one way to break a deadline is by having one. We’re p. close to finishing My Nigerian Prince!

(And yes, that means The Beard in the Mirror isn’t actually going to be our first release. We’re still working on that one too, don’t worry! Let’s all learn an important lesson from this, which is: 20-minute visual novels are way faster to make than full-length adventure games.)

(And YES, I DID change the cover art slightly in-between announcing the game on Facebook, and posting about it here. I’m probably going to make 600 more little changes to it before we publish, too. #dealwithit)


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