Whoaaaaaa! testgame’s headed to Steam! Friggin’ testgame! The point-and-click adventure game that started out as an AIM conversation between me and my now-wife; the game that’s been with us through undergrad, post-grad, jobs in the real world, our wedding and honeymoon, moves through like six different states, between the two of us… This weird little thing that’s been in the background of our lives for the entirety of our adult lives is actually going to be released on the big-boy digital distribution platform. Incredible.

I do owe you guys an update about all the other stuff I’ve been working on, at some point: lots of neat new beta-testing projects; lots of proofreading (including an exciting new game from Daedalic! that I’m probably not supposed to be talking about); new visual novelettes; collaborations with Michael Gray and Christian Porter, two of my buddies from GameCola… It’s a happy problem to have that I’ve got so much to do that I don’t have time to talk about it in any real depth. Not yet, anyway.

But man. testgame (or, The Beard in the Mirror, its full and proper name) is heading to Steam, AND I saw a raccoon today. Holy crap, I can’t even.


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