Sassy Detectives! Missing Moms! New Game Release!!

Here it is—the new visual novelette I’ve been working on with Michael “arglefumph” Gray! Be the first on your block to solve THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MOTHER-IN-LAW!


Carla Gomez is overbearing, uncooperative, and on the last nerve of basically everyone at her daughter’s wedding—so when she goes missing, leaving behind only a poorly-spelled ransom note (or possibly an order for takeout; it’s hard to tell), everyone is a suspect.

It’s up to substitute bridesmaid and kind-of, sort-of detective Francine “Francy” Droo (and her awkward friend Katie) to figure out whodunit, before the wedding bells can ring. Was it the groom? The priest? The butler? (There is no butler, but still…)

Solve challenging puzzles! Question suspects! Make your accusation, and find the missing mom. There’s a mystery to solve!


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