Hire Me!

Need a proofreader for your next big game? No? …Are you sure? Don’t typos drive you nuts? Don’t awkward translations and obvious grammar mistakes ruin the immersion for you?

How unprofessional (not to mention boring) do games feel when their dialogue and text have misplaced comma,s, or tyepos, or run-on sentences that just keep going on even though they should’ve ended like seven words ago?? I can help with that, if you’d like. My services include:

  • In-depth editing and re-writing
  • Proofreading for grammar mistakes and typos
  • Localizing text for English-speaking audiences
  • Playtesting
  • Telling you that you did a very good job on your game (even if it’s a stinker)

Want credentials? I’ve worked as editor/proofreader on games such as Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth and Barotrauma (Daedalic Entertainment), the Demons Among Men trilogy and Lost Heir (Choice of Games), and Desperados 3 (THQ Nordic). I’ve also been a professional copy writer/editor for 14 years, and for 11 years, I was Editor-in-Chief of the indie gaming website GameCola.net.

If you need help with game content, press releases, store pages, instruction manuals, art books, game guides, blog posts, tweets, Achievements, you name it—I’m your editor. E-mail me for more information!